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The Science & Technology Group

Organising committee:  Tanya Dempster, Paul McKay, Bill Devitt - science@ashbyu3a.co.uk -

We meet at Ashby Alliance Evangelical Church in the jitty between Tamworth Rd and Avenue Rd, Ashby, LE65 2PW usually on the 2nd Monday of the month at 2pm.

We hope to have talks and discussions on science and technology and some visits to sites of scientific interest. This programme will hopefully expand as the group evolves.

During lockdown we combined with Burton u3a Science Group to share Zoom talks. Sharing talks may become a regular event if it proves popular.

Future programme

Mon 13th Dec2:00 pmAshby Alliance Evangelical Church. Paul McKay - The Star of Bethlehem

Monday 8th November.

'The Accident of Life' by Kurt Kovach

The Accident of Life looked at many of the conditions in our universe, our solar system and on our planet that are favourable to life forming.

It started with a brief summary of the big bang and then went on to examine the 4 forces in the universe. We then looked at Sir Martin Rees' 6 major constants and their effect on the universe. We briefly looked at the role of carbon in the formation of life and the properties of water that are so special and vital to life forming. We then considered the role of our sun in the stability of our solar system followed by the earth, the ultimate goldilocks planet, with all its many benefits. The moon and Jupiter too have a role in protecting us from harm and stabilizing the planet. We considered the effects of a molten interior, the pluses and minuses, before examining just how complex life has become.

What are the chances of all these favourable outcomes and how can we explain them? Weird isn't it? Finally we briefly mentioned the exoplanets that have been discovered, nearly 5000 so far. So perhaps we are not alone?

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