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Organiser:   Tony Smith - french@ashbyu3a.co.uk - 01530 831822

This new French group is hoping to improve their spoken French, initially by conversation and perhaps later by some form of instruction.
We meet once a fortnight on Mondays at 11am at the Ivanhoe Club, Wilfred Place in Ashby. There are also fortnightly conversation sessions at one of the member's houses on a Tuesday evening for those who are more fluent.

Future programme

Mon 22nd Jul11:00 amIvanhoe Club, Wilfred Place, Ashby
Mon 5th Aug11:00 amIvanhoe Club, Wilfred Place, Ashby
Mon 19th Aug11:00 amIvanhoe Club, Wilfred Place, Ashby

10th and 24th June

The French group is a small group of people who want to be able to speak French more fluently and more naturally. We try to go over the core verbs and how they are declined on a regular basis. We also practise role play scenarios regularly using situations which a tourist in France would encounter such as buying food in a market or butchers or bakers , or booking a trip in a tourist agency or getting something repaired on your car in a local garage.

These sessions take place every 2 weeks on Monday mornings at 11am at the Ivanhoe Club in Ashby. Those of us who want to concentrate on French conversation meet every alternate week on a Tuesday evening. We might recount an amusing story for example and often start by recounting the things that we might have done in the last week or so.