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The Digital Photography Group

Leader:  John Howlett - digphoto@ashbyu3a.co.uk - phone 01530 461774

The Digital Photography Group meets to help people understand their cameras, how to best use them, how to save and back-up their photos and all those technical things we don't quite understand but also to get out and take better pictures!

Future programme

Thu 7th Mar10:00 am16 Winchester Way
Thu 4th Apr10:00 am16 Winchester Way
Thu 2nd May10:00 am16 Winchester Way
Thu 6th Jun10:00 am16 Winchester Way
Thu 4th Jul10:00 am16 Winchester Way
Thu 1st Aug10:00 am16 Winchester Way

1st February

Seven turned out on a nice bright day to see what the members were able to produce in the way of the topic ‘Pairs’
A surprisingly difficult theme, approached in different ways by several of the membership.
There was a discussion on the use of cropping an image after being taken, or within the camera (i.e. zooming) and the results,
especially the unintended ones when a commission is called for.
There was then a general discussion, initiated by John P, for moving forward the image of the Ashby Group in general, and the Interest Group in particular.
This centres (but not exclusively) on the possibility of a Facebook Group for Ashby.
Ideas for a rolling photographic ‘banner’ showcasing the main group and the interest group were invited for the next time.
We meet next on 7th March at Winchester Way.

Photos by JH, JD, Steve and Mike. A selection from our Open Day display

The Photo Gallery