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The Computer Group

Leader:  John Howlett - computer@ashbyu3a.co.uk - phone 01530 461774

Helpline: help.computer@ashbyu3a.co.uk

The Computer Group meets twice a month on the first Wednesday and third Monday of the month at 2pm.

We are not all computer geeks, but between us we know something about most types of computer whether it is Windows, Apple Mac, iPad or Android.

We also discuss how to look after the files, music or photos on your computer, how to make backups or how to copy them to DVD or all sorts of "interesting" problems. One thing we can't do is undertake hardware repairs, but we might know someone who can!

So if there is something you don't understand about your computer, from the simplest to the more esoteric, come along and we'll see if we can help.


Email our Computer Helpline with any problems or questions. We can email you back, or better still, you can come along to the next meeting and someone may have worked out your problem and be able to talk you through it.

Send us details of your problem to help.computer@ashbyu3a.co.uk

Future programme

Wed 1st Dec2:00 pm16 Winchester Way
Mon 20th Dec2:00 pm16 Winchester Way
Wed 5th Jan2:00 pm16 Winchester Way
Mon 17th Jan2:00 pm16 Winchester Way

15th November
3rd November
There was a lot to do today with nine in attendance, including one new member: Betty.
JD helped Betty with her iPad. She wanted to file emails into folders according to subject. This was a new thing for JD too, so we learned how to do it together. We also looked at how to snip a picture from the internet (being careful about copyright, of course) and sort photos into albums.
Mike helped Catherine to get rid of popup ads on google and identify if she is running short of memory. Then how to sort that.
Mike also worked with Bix on transferring a PDF to a web page.

Due to staffing difficulties, the next meeting is reported here:
Computer Group 15th November 2021
Another busy session, with seven in attenmdance
Betty was helped by Richard to create a group mailing list on her iPad.
John D worked with Greta on a couple of topics. She has found that recently outbound email on her BT email account has been stopped in the Outbox but can be sent from her Apple outbox. We could not immediately find a reason or cure for this but will return to it. Mike Stow gave advice by email, but this involves passwords which are tiger territory for some! In addition, she is concerned that a previous iPad still seems fully operational and wants to shut it down. She is concerned if she wipes it the data on it, linked to her new iPad, will be wiped too. This needs other cleverer heads as it is a puzzle how the process of setting up her new iPad did not clear her old one.
Peter and Richard worked on Peter’s new laptop gradually setting it up. It seems that Windows 11 has features such as the start-up screen that will ned getting used to. There are reports from outside the U3A that shutting down isn’t straightforward either, but this was not tested.

We next meet on Monday November 15th at 2.00 pm at Winchester Way