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The Calligraphy Group

Leader:  Sue Cornell - calligraphy@ashbyu3a.co.uk - phone 01530 413345

A small but friendly group,we enjoy extending our calligraphy skills through a more experimental and creative approach to writing texts.
We use a range of scripts and have produced some very imaginative pieces both at home and during our monthly meetings.
We usually meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 10am.

Future programme

Tue 12th Mar10:00 amAt Sue's.TBA
Tue 9th Apr10:00 amAt Jenny's.TBA
Tue 14th May10:00 amAt Caryl's.TBA
Tue 11th Jun10:00 amAt Gill's.TBA
Tue 9th Jul10:00 amAt Diane'sTBA
Tue 13th Aug - No meeting this month
Tue 10th Sep10:00 amAt Sue'sTBA

13th February

An almost complete turnout for our February session. We are still working on speeches or sonnets from William Shakespeare, which we hope to complete next month. Each person seems to have chosen a different font to practice, so there was a discussion about the best pens and nibs appropriate for a particular font. (uncial, gothic italic, upright italic and modern calligraphy font). We showed each other our work so far which shows some impressive progress.

We all agree that it has been a valuable exercise to continue practising a font over a period of time, instead of rushing to produce something every month.

As usual, the tea, coffee, biscuits and chatter helped the morning go so quickly!!

Next meeting on March 12th is at Ann’s when hopefully we’ll have completed our work on Shakespeare.

Calligraphy Work Gallery