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Monthly Meetings

We meet at 2 pm on the fourth Tuesday of the month at the Congregational Church, Kilwardby St, Ashby.
There is normally a guest speaker or, in December, musical entertainment.
This is followed by tea, coffee and biscuits and a chance to meet and talk with other members.

Future programme
DateSpecial EventsSpeakerSubject

Tue 25th FebColin Hill"Dancing with Diana"
Tue 24th MarMark Walsh"The Ukulele Sensation"
Tue 28th AprRoger Bisgrove"Leicestershire Industrialists and their legacy"
Tue 26th MayMike Storr"Masters of Mirth"
Tue 23rd JunKath Reynolds"Goose grease and brown paper"
Tue 28th JulJoan Hathern"Meanings of dreams"
Tue 25th Aug10th anniversary celebrations with Cream TeaGresley Male Voice Choir
Tue 22nd SepMartin Hanson"Church bell ringing"
Tue 27th OctIan Morgan"Pestilence"
Tue 24th NovSandy Leong"A nice cup of tea"
Tue 15th DecChristmas FareConcordia Choir
Tue 26th JanPeter Liddle"Houses of the Hastings"

Tea Rota, Meeters & Greeters, Reporting Groups

MonthTea GroupMeet & GreetReporting Groups
Tue 25th FebEstelle Sandles, Fred & Heather GarnettGlenys & Doug MorriceComputing and Curling
Tue 24th MarJoyce ottey, Sam Bradford, Margaret BaxendaleDigital photography and Painting
Tue 28th AprMargaret Aspinal, Eileen Taylor, Margaret LawrenceFamily History and Gardening
Tue 26th MayLynn & Richard Basham, Avril Wilson, Glenys MorriceHistory and Industrial Heritage
Tue 23rd JunSid & Ann Clark, Neil RobertsItalian and Literature
Tue 28th JulJulia Fraser, Henry Sharples, Sue & Phil BloorLunch and Medium Walks
Tue 25th AugThe Committee for the 10th Anniversary Cream Teanone
Tue 22nd SepSandra Fox, Brenda DummerMusic Appreciation and Quiz
Tue 27th OctKevin & Christine GreenRecorder, Social Events and Short Walks
Tue 24th NovJenny & Pete Slawson, Bridget & Jim FairwaySupper Club, Trips and Walking
Tue 22nd DecThe Committee for Christmas Farenone

28th January "Confessions of Gameshow Junkies" by Stephanie and Trevor Mee

It seems like ages since last month's talk and it is, as we last met 7 weeks ago in early December. Nevertheless, this month's talk was well worth waiting for.

Steph and Trev Mee regaled us with their experiences on various game shows since the 1980s. Stephanie was the first to get involved when she applied to go on Bob Monkhouse's Full House. She told us how in the early days contestants would get paid travel to London, a night in a posh hotel, dinner with the other contestants, a limo to Television Centre, hair and make-up and then lunch before meeting Bob and then going on to do the show. She was asked to learn a couple of lines to say when introduced so that Bob could come back with an “impromptu” joke. She was nervous about getting the lines wrong as the show went out live. Steph lasted two rounds but had a great time.

After that she went on several other shows. The TV companies would even invite known contestants to go on other shows. She was on Winner Takes All with Jimmy Tarbuck, Jim Davidson’s Big Break and 15 to 1 plus several pilot shows that didn’t make it onto the screen. She won various prizes mostly money but also hampers and an encyclopaedia and was doing well but had to stop to raise a family.

In the 2000s, having met Trevor, she decided to go back to quizzing and Trevor joined in too. The both appeared on Weakest Link with Ann Robinson who she said was just like her TV persona in real life i.e. rude. A contestant on the show with Steph, who was a potter, gave her a Weakest Link jug with her face on it. She gave it straight back saying “Why would I want that”!

Trev took over to tell us how they got to the last round of Pointless together and won £1250 which they used to go on holiday to Italy. Of course they each also got a Pointless Trophy, one of which they brought along. Their nadir was when they collected together a team of experts to go on Eggheads but barely got a question right.
Steph told us of going on an early episode of The Chase and how she flirted outrageously with Chaser Shaun Wallace to try to put him off, but she just missed out on winning £35,000. They did however both get on Tipping Point separately where Steph won £3350 and Trevor won £2400.

Nowadays the game shows are made by small production companies who sell the shows to the BBC, ITV and the other channels and costs have been cut. Gone are the hotels, limousines and lavish dinners, and rather than making one show a day, they now start at 6am and finish at 9pm having made several shows in that time. The hosts now really earn their money by being on set for all that time whilst still having to be witty and jolly.

They finished their talk with a quiz for us, working in small teams, however we would not make good gameshow contestants as the best score was only 12½ out of 18!
Thank you Stephanie and Trevor for a fascinating insight into the world of game show quizzing.