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Monthly Meetings

We meet at 2 pm on the fourth Tuesday of the month at the Congregational Church, Kilwardby St, Ashby.
There is normally a guest speaker or, in December, musical entertainment.
This is followed by tea, coffee and biscuits and a chance to meet and talk with other members.

Future programme
DateSpecial EventsSpeakerSubject

Tue 25th JunPhilip CaineBarrow to Baghdad and back again
Tue 23rd JulAGMGraham ShortThe hands of genius
Tue 27th AugCream Tea EventNo speaker
Tue 24th SepJack PerksBest of British
Tue 22nd OctAlexa Wigfield"When You Wish Upon A Star" - Dream making for sick children.
Tue 26th NovRoger HailwoodThe Yorkshire Dales.
Tue 10th DecChristmas EventNick GravestockAyres & Graces - Christmas entertainment
Tue 28th JanStephanie and Trevor MeeConfessions of game show junkies
Tue 25th FebColin HillDancing with Diana
Tue 24th MarMark Walsh"The Ukulele Sensation"

Tea Rota, Meeters & Greeters, Reporting Groups

MonthTea GroupMeet & GreetReporting Groups
Tue 25th JunAnne Donegan, Lesley Thomas, David Thomas, Maureen BroadBill & Avril WilsonLunch and Medium Walks
Tue 23rd JulPat Bithell, Terry Bithell, Julia Fraser, Henry SharplesTBAMusic Appreciation & Quiz
Tue 27th AugThe Committee for Cream TeaTBAnone
Tue 24th SepJoan Benton, Sue Bloor, Phil Bloor, Carol SmithTBARecorder & Short Walks
Tue 22nd OctJean Preece, Brenda Dummer, Sandra FoxTBATBA
Tue 26th NovJenny Slawson, Pete Slawson, Bridget Fairway, Jim FairwayTBATBA
Tue 10th DecThe Committee for Christmas FareTBAnone

28th May "Cyber crime, Frauds and Scams"

After our scheduled speaker withdrew at the last minute, we were lucky to have Samantha Hancock of Leicestershire Police step in at short notice to give us a most interesting talk about how to protect us from cyber crime, phone & postal scams and doorstep salesmen.

There was lots to take in but, in essence, keep your computer and its anti-virus software up to date, use strong passwords and use a different one for everything you log in to.

Be aware that all emails, texts and phone calls can easily be made to look like they are from someone else. Don't assume that any contact is genuine, and don't click on links in emails unless you are sure that they are safe. If an email asks you to click on a link to go to a seemingly genuine website, don't. Use you browser to open that website directly.

Beware of free Wi-Fi when you are out and about. Your communications can be intercepted by others. It is OK for looking up bus and train timetables, but not for contacting your bank, checking emails, shopping etc. where you will be sending personal info over Wi-Fi. If you have sufficient data allowance, use 3G or 4G on your phone. That way info is encrypted and safe.

Don't believe phone calls from banks, the police, BT or others who tell you your computer or phone is compromised or that want you to give them your bank or personal details. Just hang up.

Neither the banks or the police will ask you to transfer money over the phone, nor will they send a courier to collect money, passports or bank cards. Anyone trying to do that is a crook.

Don't believe doorstep sales(wo)men who you don't know. ID badges can be easily faked. If you already wanted to buy something that a doorstep salesman is offering, say no thank you, go and do your research and then visit, phone or talk to more than one reputable person to get a proper idea of the price of the work.

If something seems like it is really good value, it probably isn't and is most likely a scam.

Lastly, if you didn't enter a competition, you won't have won a prize despite what the letter or email may say!! Do not reply to these, they will slowly hook you in and con you out of money.

This was a very useful and informative talk but with lots to take in. As Samantha said, don't go away afraid of the internet, you know more now than you did before! Thank you Samantha.

Leaflets provided by Samantha will be available to pick up at the next meeting and I shall try to put more information on our website.