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Leader:  Lynda Hall - italian@ashbyu3a.co.uk -

Future programme

Mon 25th Mar9:30 amLynda's house

25th February

We had our usual 4 today.

Lynda started us off with a bit of listening, matched to a street view which was presented in two versions. Our task was to match the spoken words to the correct version and spot the deliberate mistake, as well.

Next we went on to constructing an invitation to a friend to an event, by telephone.

Finally we had to sort out the participants in an annual display of high diving from a bridge over the Tiber in Rome and construct a little sentence describing them, their ages and the order in which they dove.

The next meeting will be on Monday the 25th March at 9.30 am at Lynda's, but we will be looking at the viability of changing to Thursdays