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Leader:  Lynda Hall - italian@ashbyu3a.co.uk -

Future programme

26th November 2019

Today was our last meeting this year
Lynda put us through our paces with some tough work on reflexive verbs.
We worked on reflexive verbs with the past participle, and agreement rules.
We worked on Conoscere and Sapere in the present tense, and scrutinised text pieces for
We had to try and transpose examples of various verbs in the present tense in to
the past.
An interesting session was on the life of Enzo Ferrari, and we needed to identify and note
down various facts embedded into the continuous prose.
Finally, we worked through a general knowledge quiz featuring famous people from history,
and a set of questions in which we needed to insert the correct verb and tense for their

There will not be a meeting in December, so look out for announcements on the website.

Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo a tutti!