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The Italian Group

Leader is Lynda Hall email italian@ashbyu3a.co.uk

Ashby U3A Italian Group
15th November 2017
The usual five were there today.
Lynda followed up last week's session with more shopping.
Some really new vocab and some in unfamiliar context. 'Sotto' usually meaning 'beneath' or similar, now means very nearby. Possibly in the shop beneath a flat, or just down the hill. Not too clear from the example, though.
More listening to conversations (very difficult, even if they were supposed to be speaking slowly!)
Exchanges about preferences of supermarkets over markets or even over plain little shops, and why.
Another testing session.

We next meet on the following two dates:

29 November 2017. 10.00 am and:
29 January 2018 10.00 am
Both times at Lynda's house.