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The Industrial Heritage Group

Leader:  Mike Stow - indhist@ashbyu3a.co.uk - phone 01530 469152

The Industrial Heritage Group is for members who have an interest in our industrial heritage of trains, cars, planes, bikes, early manufacturing etc. to visit museums, railways, factories and other places related to our industrial past. We occasionally take a quite broad view of what constitutes "Industrial Heritage" if it is of interest to us!

Travel arrangements vary depending on how far we have to travel, but generally we meet in Ashby to car-share.

Our trips are normally on Wednesdays unless otherwise stated

Future programme

Wed 17th Oct9.15 am at Featherbed LaneTriumph Motorcycle museum and factory tourRay HarrimanA 90 min guided tour of the state of the art Triumph factory plus a visit to the Triumph Experience - the complete story of all things Triumph. The history, design, manufacturing, racing, record-breaking, the famous riders plus see the most famous Triumphs of the silver screen. Max 15 people. This trip is now fully booked.
Wed 28th NovTBAMuseum of Timekeeping, Upton Hall, Notts Bob BaxendaleA 90 min private guided tour of the museum of the British Horological Institute plus free time to look around afterwards. Explore the history, science, art and craft of timekeeping! The Museum of Timekeeping looks after a fascinating collection of clocks, watches and other timepieces including the first speaking clock, exploring the story of timekeeping past, present and future. £10pp
Wed 12th Dec11 amTBAMike StowPlanning meeting for next year, followed by lunch

Wednesday 26th September. Cadbury World and Bournville model village

Despite some fluctuation in numbers in the days immediately before, 20 members eventually set off in 5 cars for the delights of the M42 in the morning rush hour in an attempt to reach Cadbury World by 10am. As it happened the traffic was somewhat lighter than expected and we all arrived in a bunch at 9.30 to find that it didn't actually open until 10. Not even for coffee or chocolate.

Once the doors were opened and with the merry band suitably refreshed, we ventured into Cadbury World along with 3 school-loads of young children! After wandering through the Aztec jungle and viewing the story of chocolate production and the Cadbury family's marketing of same, we were allowed to regress to our childhood and to taste, eat and play with chocolate to our hearts' content. We finished off with a so called 4D ride - a 3D cinema ride complete with added chair movements - as we fell into vats of chocolate, ascended to the sky and fell back onto a roller-coaster with the inevitable broken section! We all returned safely, but I suspect the some of the young stomachs of our school companions, now full of chocolate, were a bit queasy.

As an antidote to all that excitement, we next walked the short distance to Selly Manor in Bournville village where our guide Gillian gave us an introduction to the village's history before leading us on a walk around the village green and gave us a fascinating insight into the history and present state of Bournville and the Bournville Village Trust (BVT) which oversees the whole area. Amazingly Bournville consists of over 8000 homes and 25,000 residents. That is twice the size of Ashby according to the 2011 census! Approx. half the homes are owner-occupied and the remainder rented, but the two are thoroughly intermixed so that you cannot tell owned from rented properties. All are controlled by BVT so that owners cannot change the character of the houses. The model village was set up by George Cadbury at his own expense in 1893 to "alleviate the evils of modern, more cramped living conditions" There are also schools, shops, a library and several places of worship. (Although the Cadbury's were/are Quakers, they allow all religions and sects to built a place of worship there, if there is a need).

Interestingly you never had to work at Cadbury's to live in Bournville, nor do workers have to live there. The village Trust was separated from Cadbury's the factory in 1900 and BVT still have several of the family on the committee, whilst the Cadbury business is now owned by Mondelez International, formerly Kraft Foods.

After looking at all this chocolate, and resisting eating too much of it, we were now hungry and so set off to the delightful Barnt Green Inn for a late lunch. The food and service was excellent although a misunderstanding over our previously paid deposit cheque, amongst other things, caused the payment by each individual to be reduced to a long drawn out farce and, as we were now late leaving, we had to endure the rush hour all the way back to Ashby.

Nonetheless it was agreed that we all had a great day out and, as is the intention of the U3A, we all learned something new. We must say thank you to Gillian for our excellent guided tour and we are now pictured on their website as an encouragement to other adult groups to visit Bournville.

Photos by BVT

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