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8 of us foregathered on a fine day, so we had the patio doors open and shades drawn against the potential heat.
Mary is building up a Tree for her son-in-Law’s people.
Eileen is working on the Dumolow Parish Records in the late 18th early 19th Century.
Dora is also hard at work on Parish Records, this time from late 17th Century Scotland. These are increasingly difficult to read, but progress is being made.
Ana has been researching a set of cousins but has lost a link which means that that section no longer appears with the main Tree.
The Team looked at various ways of identifying the fault, and of relinking the trees. Work is needed on the procedure for merging trees, as none of us so far attempted this.
Richard is doing general research work on his mother’s side.
Carolyn is well into a branch with Welsh ancestors, although these have London roots, so not so difficult as many with pure Welsh roots have found.
Sylvia D also needs to look at merging trees. We looked at a method Mary showed us using a split screen and duplicate versions of the Tree side by side.
(LATER: Using Mary’s idea for pulling up two versions of the Tree side by side in split screens, Ana will have another look at her problem.)

We next meet on 10th August when we will take another look at our preparations for the 40th Anniversary Celebrations.