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Wed 12th Aug2:00 pm2 Marlborough Way

8th July

We had an excellent session today for our fourth Virtual Meeting, with seven attending. We interacted
very satisfactorily using WhatsApp and email.

Dora reported on her work on the Parish record for her father.s line, although she has not been able
to get much further into the 17th century. She is now working on her maternal grandmother.

Shirley is trying to finmd out what her father worked as in the immediate post WWI period. I
suggested she start with the 1939 Register, which will help pinpoint the familyís location, but it may
take a study of Directories such as Kelly.s to get further. We were able to clarify the reason why she
and her elder brother are currently redacted on the Register: she is still alive!

John Howlett has unearthed a report on his father.s time in the Mediterranean when he was
captured by the Germans, but presumed dead for some time.

Sylvia is waiting for copies of street directories for London in 1912 and 1935, and is trying to trace a
cousin who was there at the time. She is also close to making contact with another cousin, having
identified him, but with no response so far: so frustrating when this happens!

Carolyn needs to get a copy of a birth certificate: she should get the PDF version from the GRO.
Any other way would be too expensive. Working on her 2nd and 3rd grandfathers, but as they all have
the same first name is making heavy weather. We all know that one! She is also trying to access the
National Archives for information on a grandfather.s war record, and Medals record. The Medal Card
should be available via Ancestry, but the free trial currently available from Kew is worth going for.
Eileen chipped in with some helpful advice about creating an account.

Finally, Carolyn had a question to ask about safe storage of physical documents. This is a big
question, but hinges on the fire rating of home safes: bluntly put, unless they have a Class O rating
(and therefore very expensive) they are little better than money safes: that is, they keep your stuff from
being stolen. As fire safes they act as incinerators in a bad fire. Sadly, very few of us have this level of
protection to make sure our precious originals are fire protected. The best way is to store them away
from the house. That also applies to our digital backups.

Eileen has found the will of her ancestors from 1840 which is very exciting, with names of
beneficiaries etc, but proving difficult to read, and the service record of another, So she has lots to go
at, but currently distracted by the builders!

John D has come across a neat trick to scan those old negatives that you canít identify, without using
an expensive scanner. It requires a tablet with a white page showing and the contrast turned up to the
highest setting placed over the negatives when usinng a standard document scanner. The next trick is to reverse the image and separate the different frames with software (John H recommends GIMP) and then they can be assessed for
disposal or further development.

We meet again on Wednesday 12th August, hopefully here, but that all depends on lockdown
progress. But watch this space