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Leader:  John Dogherty - familyhistory@ashbyu3a.co.uk - phone 01530 411148

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Wed 12th May2:00 pmVIRTUAL from 2 Marlborough Way

14th April

An excellent turnout of seven today.
Ana needed help in confirming a GRO reference from Ancestry which was a tad blurry. Solved, so she
has now gone on to order two Birth and one Marriage certificates.

John H needed to find out how to do a search by address on FMP. We solved it by checking with the
FMP Forum Facebook page. Googling wasnt clear enough!

John D has finally solved the problem of the Mystery Diarist in a book on his great grandmother's
Teacher Training College. A neat bit of forensic work by Chris and some footslogging through the
censuses and BMD records, clinched by a Birth Certificate.
Shirley is now chasing down her Grandfather's mother. Not so far able to find a marriage record. A joint
attack brought up some solid information of John Salvin

Carolyn is now trying to track her husband's grandparents' burial location. The cemetery sites have so far not yielded a
location, but should be in the region of Linton, near Burton. This may need an approach to the Local
Authority to see what their records hold.

Dora has been tracking her father's cousin who emigrated to NZ. She has now identified in FMP the
ship she emigrated on: Ancestry had not got the record.

Sylvia (by email) Is trying to flesh out her maternal Grandmother's life. I circulated her email information
to see if any of the group can help. It is a complex story that needs some clever heads on it!

A very good session: thank you all!

Please make sure your main membership is up to date. Or Colin will come calling....

We next meet on Wednesday, May 12th 2021