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9th December

A very good session today with seven logging on, one post session report, and 2 making apologies.
It is very useful to make apologies as we know you are still with us!

John H has run into a problem with an ancestor who seems to be dying in 1916 twice: once aged 40 and once
aged 1. Unfortunately FindMyPast does not give enough information to split the two, or to check if this is in fact the same person but miss transcribed. More research needed into how FMP works.

John D Is working on understanding how FMP works, by working through hints for known people who’s history is
well established.

Libby Was unable to log on, but has been chasing down her grandfather-s first wife and daughter, who
we found emigrating to Canada. Through her sister and a cousin in Germany it seems that neither
married, so their lines stop there. But there is much more to go at with the grandfather.

Audrey has been chasing down the godmother of her cousin-s husband-s cousin in Luxembourg. There
is some talk of a possible legacy but Audrey is unsure of how to search for this. I posted her a Google
link and a snip of the Ancestry Search page for Wills and Probates. It sounds complicated, so will need
careful research! If any of you can help, please let me know and I will co-ordinate for you

Shirley has a problem with an ancestor born before the BMD records started. She is trying to find a
Parish Register entry or similar which will yield parents names, or even a wedding. FMP yields several
William Hepworths in the same periods and general location. More work needed here to refine the
choice, but definitely progress.

Carolyn is trying to chase down someone called Hemp, but finds it may be mixed up with someone
called Kemp. Not an uncommon transliteration Im afraid!

Dora Lots to report here! Dora is investigating her mother-s family in Holland but has run into a
brick wall. She cannot find records on births after 1916. Her mum was born in Rotterdam in
1918 but records are only available after 100 years. So she’s assuming that records are not
necessarily uploaded every year. She can go further back but progress is slow. So she decided
to go back to research her father's mother's family who are Scottish. So back to Scotland's
people for the digital records which cost to access but she can do plenty of free searching to
narrow down to the records she wants to purchase. Currently looking to find details on her great
great grandfather and great great grandmother in early 1800s. She is also widening out the
search on her father's brothers.

Sylvia reported in after the session. She has a number of threads going, but one which stands out is her grandmother. She is unable to find her birth, despite identifying her on the 1911 Census, and getting her death and marriage certificates, and identifying her parents fronm her sister's birth certificate. I have asked here what sites she has used to search, and we will continue to root around for her!

Well done everybody!

We next meet on Wednesday January 13th 2021
Have a really Merry Christmas and a much better New Year!