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Wed 8th Apr2:00 pm2 Marlborough Way

11th March

Despite the dire warnings about the Virus, we still had six brave souls today. After going
through Decontamination (washing their hands to the tune of Happy Birthday!) we were able
to concentrate on our work.
Keith has a need to pin down the precise date of birth of an ancestor for whom he has a
transcript from Ancestry. We tried to find them again, but drew a blank. So he will need to ?
apply to the GRO for a copy of the Certificate. This will give him more information than the
Transcript, though. He also learned how to correct the gender assignments of tree members.
Carolyn is deep into the Parish Registers, and having difficulty with the faintness of some of
the entries. This is making it tricky for her correctly to identify the relationships of some of her
ancestors, especially those who have the same names but in different generations.
Eileen is still trying to connect up two branches of her tree which have the same family
name, and some of the same first names. There just has to be a common ancestor, but she
has not managed to track them down yet. We may need to call in the Heavy Mob to crack this
Dora was troubled by the sudden emergence of a different first name in a family tree that
seems always to have had the same first name. We discussed how this might happen, and
how to check that we have the right person. Sometimes it is not possible to be absolutely
sure, but we can assign a probability. If still unsure, the entry can be flagged as provisional.
We looked at the convention in some parts of the country for the assignment of names to children. This is
only a convention and should not preclude deviations from it.
John H is once more having difficulties in tracking his modern day relations from earlier
We meet again on Wednesday 8th April at 2.00 pm.