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Wed 11th Dec2:00 pm2 Marlborough Way

13th November 2019
Family History Group 13th November 2019

Another excellent turnout of 9 today, and a very busy session.
We have a visitor from Burton U3A: Sylvia Dearing
Christine again worked with John H this time researching possible cousins still
alive, and Army records. She also helped Ana with her tree.

John D worked first with Sylvia to establish where she was currently at with her
work. She has a done great deal of work, but is stalled with female ancestors who
failed to marry, and took their mothers’ names. She has some intriguing Italian
ancestors, so research into Italian records is indicated.

John then again worked with Dora on her Scottish records. She was puzzled by
Probate records for Scottish ancestors and other (unrelated people) who-s records
were lodged at Llandudno and marked –Sealed- This turns out to be because they
would been lodged at Somerset House, but were moved to Llandudno during the
War. As Scottish records they were –Sealed-.

Eileen is still struggling to link up two Doomelow families: one in Netherseal and one
in Tamworth. The link seems to be via a common name, but she has so far failed to
find the point of convergence. Her research has turned up further coincidences, with
two people with the same name but with different parents. Bizarrely one has an uncle
and one an aunt with the same family name. The suspicion is growing that these two
families are either the same one, but with an error somewhere, or genuinely two
different families, related further up the tree, and living in close proximity.

John then helped Ana to identify an ancestor, born in the late 18th century,
on the 1841 Census with his entire family. She now has quite a lot of entries to follow up
and place into her tree. He was also able to help with a minor matter of accessing
and displaying different sides of her tree.

Meanwhile, Keith and Rosemary beavered away at their own work.

Finally, the two Johns co-operated to deal with the complex matter of who needed
what to drink: fortunately all were satisfied!

We next meet on Wednesday 11th December