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The Digital Photography Group

Leader is John Howlett phone 01530 461774

Digital Photography
2nd November 2017
Only four showed up today, and one hadn't been to the location shoot last time, so we did not show our photos.
However we did discuss camera technology and the way in which older cameras dealt with fast moving objects. Which was not very well! The use of focal plane shutters (those with a rectangular shutter moving down the field of view naturally received light from the top of the object before that from the bottom, so that the wheels of fast moving race cars would appear oval, the top of the wheel image having changed position from one side to the other relative to the bottom.
We looked at the problem of shooting one moving object when another, moving in the opposite direction, crossed the 'shot'.
Finally, the railway enthusiasts discussed why locos were often shot straight from the works in a grey colour before being painted in their proper livery. This is because the grey shade shows up their nooks and crannies better than almost any other.
The reason why German racing cars became silver is because they were originally white! It seems that the cars were a little over the permitted weight for a race, so the boss ordered the white paint to be stripped off, down to the silver aluminium of the bare metal. That saved enough, so the cars became silver thereafter.

We next meet on Thursday 4th January at 16 Winchester Way, at 10.00 am.
There is no meeting on the 7th December, as the Christmas Lunch is the same day.

Photo taken at Moira Furnace May 2016 and edited by Derek