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The Digital Photography Group

Leader:  John Howlett - digphoto@ashbyu3a.co.uk - phone 01530 461774

The Digital Photography Group meets to help people understand their cameras, how to best use them, how to save and back-up their photos
and all those technical things we don't quite understand but also to get out and take better pictures!

Future programme

Thu 5th Dec10:00 am16 Winchester Way

7th November

There was little to talk about previous photographic outings, so new member Edwin
made an impromptu presentation of many photos he had taken, using both
digital and SLR film cameras. The results from professional macro lenses
were truly startling, with the capability to zoom to high levels without loss of
clarity and detail. The main downside is that with a very shallow depth of
field very precise control and handling of the camera is essential.
One very interesting point is the way film records colour as opposed to the
way digital does. Each film crystal records all colours, whereas the pixels in
a digital record combine the three colours from different pixels and the
computer software processes them into one spectrum.
As JD could not get to yesterday's Computer Group meeting we looked at
his mini-laptop and the way Word offers saving options. It would appear at
first sight that there is no -save as- option. Unknown to the user, however if
you drill down through the menu there is a facility equivalent to -save as-. It
just isn't mentioned anywhere, so you have to go looking for it!

We meet again on 5th December at 16 Winchester Way

Photos by JH, JD and Steve

The Photo Gallery