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The Computer Group

Leader:  John Howlett - computer@ashbyu3a.co.uk - phone 01530 461774
Helpline: help.computer@ashbyu3a.co.uk

The Computer Group meets twice a month on the first Wednesday and third Monday of the month at 2pm.

We are not all computer geeks, but we do have members who know something about most types of computer whether it is a Windows PC, an Apple Mac, an iPad or an Android tablet.
We also discuss how to look after the files, music or photos on your computer, how to make backups or how to copy them to DVD or all sorts of "interesting" problems.
One thing we can't do is undertake hardware repairs, but we might know someone who can!
So if there is something you don't understand about your computer, from the simplest to the more esoteric, come along and we'll see what we can do for you.
We now have a new Computer Helpline so you can email us with any problems or questions. We can email you back, or better still, you can come along to the next meeting and someone should have worked out your problem and be able to talk you through it.

Send us details of your problem to help.computer@ashbyu3a.co.uk

Future programme

Mon 17th Dec2:00 pm16 Winchester Way

5th December

Six sat down today.
John D went through the basics of the iPad with Renee, covering what a tablet is and the differences between it and a standard PC or laptop, and Smart Phones. Then we looked at those icons which are standard and which aren't and how to manipulate them. A look at how the main ones work followed: Mail, Photographs, Settings, and so on. Then how to add photographs to mail and such apps as Facebook. Plus forays into other aspects as we went along. A fairly comprehensive introduction. Finally a look at how Tablets, Laptops and Phones are converging on each other, with sim chips and detachable keyboards.
Steve worked with Bic on processing a passport photo into PDF from JPEG format and resizing to match government requirements.
Mike and John H discussed committee matters.