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The Calligraphy Group

Leader:  Jenny Slawson - calligraphy@ashbyu3a.co.uk - phone 01283 229718

A small but friendly group,we enjoy extending our calligraphy skills through a more experimental and creative approach to writing texts.
We focus mainly on italic and uncial scripts and have produced some very imaginative pieces both at home and during our monthly meetings.
We usually meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 10am.

Future programme

Tue 11th Jun10:00 amAt Sue's Continue precise presentation
Tue 9th Jul10:00 amAt Jenny's Backgrounds.
Tue 10th Sep10:00 amAt Carole's Really informal piece - anything goes
Tue 8th Oct10:00 amAt Gill's Continue informal experiment!
Tue 12th Nov10:00 amAt Diane's Christmas themed piece. Formal or informal.
Tue 10th Dec10:00 amAt Jenny's Finish Christmas piece

9th April

This morning 6 members of the Calligraphy Group met with the intention of continuing with the theme of planning and organisation needed for a piece of work.
There is so much more to calligraphy than just producing a nice piece of writing.
Things to consider include letter ascenders and descenders, spaces between words, thickness or thinness of letter strokes, decorations and illustrations - we need to practise more!
'Calligraphy paints words'.

Calligraphy Work Gallery